10 things to know about Academic Writing

1.      It is a way of expounding on Abstract thoughts.
2.      Passive voice is the most used in Academic writing.
3.      A reflective writing allows the use of Active experience (Active voice).
4.      Superlatives may be inappropriate in Academic writing. However,having made an observation personally, then they may fit. Otherwise they should be avoided.

Academic Writing
5.      The content for Academic writing comes from the immediate world around us.
6.      Academic writing is not a way of describing things. It is rather a way of joining ideas and drawing the relationship between them.
7.      Sentences should be read aloud to make sure that they are easily understood. This allows for more appropriate punctuations.
8.      Paragraphs are the signposts in Academic writing. They guide the reader on the journey of your ideas. The correct format should therefore be followed. Introduction- Expound-Conclude.
9.      The electronic grammar checker should not be the final determinant regarding any changes to be made in a document. Care should be taken not to alter the intended meaning of the content.
10.     Academic writing calls for dedication

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