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10 things to know about Academic Writing

1.      It is a way of expounding on Abstract thoughts.2.      Passive voice is the most used in Academic writing.3.      A reflective writing allows the use of Active experience (Active voice).4.      Superlatives may be inappropriate in Academic writing. However,having made an observation personally, then they may fit. Otherwise they […]

Academic Writing

Book Report and a Book Review

Difference between a Book Report and a Book Review

Many students find it quite a challenge to differentiate between a book report and a book review. The expectations of attaining a good grade are thwarted when one fails to deliver as per the instruction from the instructor or lecturer. A book report ends up becoming a book review as many students do not actually know what to put […]

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay may not be easy. In any argumentative essay, the writer is determined to persuade the reader to view things from a given perspective. Therefore a good plan is essential before one commences on the writing exercise. The following steps will guide anyone wishing to come up with a […]

Writing a Good Essay

  Writing an essay can at times be frustrating, but this should not be the case. When one has a clear idea of what to write about and understands the steps well, then writing becomes fun.  To be good at essay writing, the following steps are important and useful for any type of essay that a […]