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Impact of video games on children

Times have changed and we are living in totally different worlds than it used to be years ago. The advancement in technology has greatly influenced the way we perceive life in the present time. The technological knowhow has taken another twist focusing much on how to make life worth enjoying and this can be attributed to the many game
applications available as well as accessible to many. Children are the most favored when it comes to video games (Wolock pg51). It is seen as a nice way to pass time as they are kept engaged and this disputes the notion that majority of our parents have concerning video games that they are time wasters. However, video games are known to have both positive as well as negative effects on kids. This paper will focus on the impact the video games have on children looking at both the positive and the negative effects.

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Positive effects of video games on children
Video games provide the brain with a real activity to exercise on(Susan et al pg 65-72). Most of the available video games require one to think beyond the normal scenario so as to gain knowledge on how to tackle the various challenges posed by the video games. The skills that the child develops throughout the interactions with these games
enhance their brain power as well as their capacity to reason out.
Through video games children are trained on how to follow instructions. Games require strict adherence to the set gaming rules.
Children will make sure that they stick to these laid rules for their main goal in the game is to emerge winners. Majority of the games come in levels and every level has set rules unique to it. Therefore a child has to master the requirement at every level and give the best to be able to move to the next level until they are all exhausted.
This is the real situation in life and thus they are prepared early enough to embrace the different changes that come with life as they grow.

Skill oriented games like the Railroad Tycoon and SimCity among others train an individual on how to manage limited resources. Thus the management skills of the children are sharpened at a tender age and they grow up as responsible people ready to take different roles in the development of the society (Susan et al 65-72). Many people claim
that they were inspired by SimCity to take careers in urban planning. Children are again trained on the concept of multitasking. For instance, a game may involve building with attacks from the enemy at the same time. In such a situation, the player should learn on how to re-strategize and come up with a new game plan. Therefore this aspect
also enables a child to think quickly and become fast in analysis and making of critical decisions.
Video games are known to boost the accuracy of a person. This is a fact associated with many actions games. One is supposed to make decisions very fast without accuracy loss. This is an aspect very much
in line with the world of today. The world has no place for sluggish people and thus people are supposed to approach life with a lot of enthusiasm (Susan et al pg 65-72). Through gaming children are initiated into this mentality at tender age and they grow up with such agility. Nevertheless, video games are said to improve concentration.A game like the Dance Dance revolution is said to be working miracles for children who lack keen concentration to different areas of life.These and many more are video game benefits that have been tasted and proved to be worth the attention.

Negative effects of video games
There is a tendency for the kids who play games with high rates of violence to develop aggressive thoughts as well as behaviors which are a turn down to the societal values and norms (Cardwell pg2). Such kids may become a danger to the other kids and people at large. Another shortcoming of video gaming is that children are socially isolated
most of the times and this may pull them backwards in life for they are not exposed to the social behaviors that offer a challenge to reason greatly. The effects of video games may reach to a point whereby the kid is not able to differentiate reality from fantasy(Funk pg3-4). Games not only affect the emotional part of the child but also the physical body. A child may develop obesity, muscular,postural as well as skeletal disorders. A child is also exposed to online influence when the games are played from an online platform(Wolock pg 56). He/she may pick undesirable behavior from online sources. Anxiety and depression levels are other problems among children discovered through various studies caused by continued interaction with video games.

Video games have weight just like television as well as other media.Parents should know nicely to treat their children lest they create the mentality that no one cares about them hence finding other ways of comfort. The games that a child plays should be varied so that they do not cause addiction. The amount of time that a child spends either watching television or playing video games should be regulated.

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