Writing an Argumentative Essay

Choosing a topic for an argumentative essay may not be easy. In any argumentative essay, the writer is determined to persuade the reader to view things from a given perspective. Therefore a good plan is essential before one commences on the writing exercise. The following steps will guide anyone wishing to come up with a well organized argumentative essay

a)      Select a good topic

Writing an Argumentative Essay

One should consider various issues that contain conflicting points as well as very diverse conclusions. It is important for the writer to consider topics that will spark interest in them so that they can have a lot to write about. The position to be taken by the writer should be one that can be backed up with reasonable as well as logical evidence.

b)     Study both sides of the selected topic in order to know what position to take

The selection of the topic should be followed by listing of some points that one feels would be relevant for the essay. After analyzing both sides of the argumentative essay, one is able to pick on the side that he/she can deliver.

c)      Collect the necessary evidence

A good argument is one that provides proof to ascertain a claim without triggering emotions. Therefore, one should be ready to provide evidence why the side being supported is the best one.

d)     Writing the essay

After the plan is well set, then the writing exercise begins. An argumentative essay usually has three parts.

(i)                 The introduction

(ii)               The body

(iii)             The conclusion

The length of the essay depends on the number of paragraphs one wishes to have for the entire essay.

The writing stage takes a two step approach

1)      Topic introduction and selection of the side to argue about

The first paragraph should introduce the topic by giving a short explanation of what it entails. It should also contain some background information as well as a thesis statement which should reflect on the side that the writer chooses to support.

The following is an example of an opening paragraph

There are many ways of passing time amongst children. Among the many available ways, watching movies fall into a special category.  It is considered important due to the educative aspect it has on children. However, not every movie is suitable for viewing as far as children are concerned. Some of the movies pose great danger to children and for this reason they should be protected from any possible harm. The soundness of their minds should be protected and therefore it is true that, children should not be allowed to watch horror movies.

2)      The two conflicting sides should be presented

It is in the body of the essay where the writer should provide the support for the chosen side. The two sides should be presented in order to point out the conflicting element.

The writer should then go ahead and provide his/her point of view and then give evidence as to why the chosen side is the correct one. The points should be presented one after another with diversified sources.

As one winds up, a conclusion that summarizes on the content of the essay should be given and should reflect on the thesis statement.

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